Oasis of Calm Zen Garden Kit

Oasis of Calm Zen Garden Kit

Oasis of Calm Zen Garden Kit

Welcome to Island Falls Home. Our aim is to help you achieve your goal of daily calm and relaxation. We invite you to enjoy our delightful, luxury, mini Zen Garden kit, inspired by our visits to Kyoto’s wonderful Japanese gardens. Thoughtfully crafted with all you need to discover the art of zen gardening.


  • Fosters mindfulness and meditation, relieving anxiety and stress.
  • Enjoy this fun, creative hobby while finding calm.
  • Improves focus and sparks creativity.
  • Enhance yoga and relaxation routines.

Six Reasons to Choose Our Miniature Japanese Garden

  1. Extra Space: At 11×8″, it’s optimally sized as a home or office desktop Zen Garden. Enjoy raking mesmerizing sand patterns with plenty of room to arrange sand Zen Garden accessories.
  2. More Choice: We’ve included a variety of traditional Japanese rock garden features, so you can keep reinventing your mini rock garden.
  3. More Tools: Master the creation of patterns, with 6 handmade bamboo tools.
  4. Exclusive Full-Color Guide: Mixing beautiful photography and narrative to illustrate the significance of each piece, gives context to your creations.
  5. Beautiful Inside and Out: A thoughtful gift for your loved one (partner, friend, colleague – men and women alike).
  6. Features Natural Materials: Bamboo, Pine, Stone.

What You’ll Discover Inside

  • Black wooden sandbox 11×8″
  • 16oz Soft Aqua CPSIA-compliant Zen Garden sand
  • 6 Handmade bamboo mini rakes and zen garden tools in beautiful box
  • 1 Bag black river rocks
  • 1 Bag white river rocks
  • 3 Zen stacking pebbles
  • Lotus flower
  • Zen Garden color guide

Simply fill the wooden tray with the plentiful soft aqua sand. Enjoy choosing bamboo tools to create an array of designs which symbolize the landscape and experience relaxation. Give as a meditation kit or to relax and unwind. Placing features in your raked landscape, lose yourself in creative moments. Our deluxe Japanese sand garden is your path to mindful meditation.

Wonderful High End Gift

Treat yourself or bring calm and happiness to loved ones this Christmas. Japanese Zen Garden for desk; gorgeously packaged with the elements for inner peace. Deluxe, Zen gift set.

Bring Japanese Decor to your Home

Create a stunning centerpiece with our Zen Garden featuring smooth Zen stacking stones, black and white stones, and a Lotus Flower, set within stunning aqua blue sand.

Beautiful, 100% Safe, CPSIA compliant Sand (16oz)

Our Canadian supplier crushes specific rock producing sand with sparkle and no free Quartz or Silica. Avoid sand spills with our large wooden sand tray.

Discover Surprising Meaning, History & Culture

Explore the features in our coffee table top Japanese Zen Garden with our inspiring and informative unique guide to accompany your Desk Zen garden decoration.

Be Creative & Indulge Your Imagination

Master the calming skill of sand raking with 6 lovingly handcrafted bamboo rakes and tools. Make stunning patterns in our indoor desktop zen sand garden for desk.