MelodySusie Acrylic Nail Kit with Everything

MelodySusie Acrylic Nail Kit with Everything

MelodySusie Acrylic Nail Kit with Everything


The MelodySusie Acrylic Nail Kit with Everything is a comprehensive set designed for both beginners and professionals. It includes an upgraded USB Sheen Nail drill with a speed of 20000rpm, a 48W UV LED Nail Dryer, and 26pcs nail art accessories. With this kit, you can achieve salon-quality gel nails at home.

Main Features

  • Upgraded USB Sheen Nail drill with a speed of 20000rpm
  • 48W UV LED Nail Dryer
  • 26pcs nail art accessories, including 3D nail art rhinestones, striping tape lines, sanding bands, nail drill bits, tweezer, files, buffer, nail clipper, cuticle pushers, toe separators, and dust brush

Portable Electric Nail Drill

The MelodySusie Acrylic Nail Kit comes with a portable electric nail drill that operates at a speed of 0-20,000RPM. It features a speed control button, making it easier to polish your nails. The powerful yet quiet motor ensures efficient performance, while the smart heat dissipation system prevents overheating. The compact and lightweight design allows you to carry it anywhere, so you can do your nail artwork on the go.

Professional 48W UV LED Nail Lamp

The kit includes a professional 48W UV LED Nail Lamp with 24pcs Lamp Beads. These beads utilize LG chips and provide a dual light source, resulting in high luminance and light efficiency. The nail lamp features a 15, 30, 60, and 90-second timer, an LCD display, and an auto-sensor for hands-free operation. With a size of 8.4×7.3×3.3 inches, it offers ample space for both hands or feet. The lamp is suitable for various types of gel polishes, including UV gel, UV resin, poly gel, extension gel, nail sculpture gel, and rhinestone gems glue.

High Power and LG Dual Light Source

The powerful nail lamp emits a wavelength of 365nm-405nm, allowing it to quickly dry most LED and UV gel polishes. The LG chips used in the lamp have a long lifespan and enhance the curing effect. These chips offer high luminance and light efficiency, resulting in low electric power consumption. This makes the nail lamp energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared to other LED nail lamps, it can shorten your curing time by 50%. The actual curing time may vary depending on the brand of gel polish used.

Perfect Gift Idea

The MelodySusie Acrylic Nail Kit with Everything is the perfect gift for anyone who loves nail care. It brings the salon experience to the comfort of your own home. The kit is ideal for nail preparation, curing gel polishes, and decorating nails. It is also effective for removing gel polish and acrylic nails. The included rhinestones and stripping tapes add a touch of creativity to your nails. Whether you’re a professional nail technician or a DIY enthusiast, this nail kit is a must-have. It is suitable for use in nail salons, makeup studios, or at home. Surprise your loved ones, friends, or even yourself with this amazing nail kit.

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