Living Libations – Raven Maven Mascara | Natural Wildcrafted Cruelty-Free Clean Beauty

Living Libations – Raven Maven Mascara | Natural, Wildcrafted, Cruelty-Free Clean Beauty

Living Libations – Raven Maven Mascara


Vamp the volume of your lashes and dramatize your eyes with our juicy, jet-black maven mascara. Many consider mascara a must-have, and we re-imagined this synthetic cosmetic with our compelling cosmoetic: a creation from the cosmos. Created with nature’s numinous nourishment, Raven Maven Mascara is a long lash haven, formulated with pure ebonizing earth-pigments, length-perfecting peptides, eye-enhancing Frankincense, and natural volume-boosting waxes mixed with resins and opulent oils for sheen and conditioning that keep lashes glistening. This onyx paste comes in a glass tube encased with a svelte silicone wand that sculpts and evenly spreads to thread each lash as it builds up to long-lasting, lash-fluttering lengths.

What Makes This Maven Mascara Magnetic?

The Heart + Soul Of Creating A Lash-Loving Classic, Besides Pitch-Perfect Charcoal, Is How It Hugs The Lashes. Here, The Wax Is Key So That The Mascara Sets + Is Smudge-Free.

Formulating the Perfect Mascara

In Formulating, We Found That By Combining The Varying Melting Points Of A Talented Trio Of Waxes, We Could Achieve A Holy Trinity Of Iconic Lash Effects: A Lengthening Effect With The High Melting Point Of Carnauba’s Hard Wax, The More Malleable Medium Melting Point Of Beeswax That Creates A Curling-Lift Effect, + The Low Melting Point Of Bayberry Fruit’s Creamy, Thicker Textured Wax For Natural Volume.

To This Trilogy, Cacao Butter Adds Conditioning + Cancels Clumping. Frankincense + Coniferous Resins Keep Lashes Glistening, + A Cache Of Kaolin Clay Keeps It Thick. Plus, A Measure Of Peptides Further Nurture Future Lash Longevity – All Fused In The Obsidian Hues Of Iron Oxides To Create This Renegade Beauty Cosmoetic Classic.

Safe and Clean Beauty

We Wanted To Formulate The Cleanest Mascara Possible That Is Ophthalmologist-Approved + Safe For All Eyes. After Much Research + Experimentation, It Was Established That These Two Green Beauty-Approved, Eye-Safe, + Earth-Safe Synthetics (1,2-Hexanediol + Tropolone) Make A Clean + Safe Mascara Worth Wearing; Both Meet The Clean Beauty Standards For The EWG.

Features of Raven Maven Mascara

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Non-Irritating
  • Ophthalmologist-Approved
  • Safe for Contact Lenses + Sensitive Eyes
  • Long-Lasting
  • Volumizing
  • Lengthening

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mascara suitable for sensitive eyes?

Yes, Raven Maven Mascara is safe for sensitive eyes and has been approved by ophthalmologists.

Is this mascara cruelty-free?

Yes, Living Libations is committed to cruelty-free practices, and this mascara is not tested on animals.

How long does the mascara last?

Raven Maven Mascara is long-lasting, providing you with fluttering lashes throughout the day.

Discover the natural, wildcrafted, cruelty-free clean beauty of Living Libations’ Raven Maven Mascara. Vamp up your lashes and enhance your eyes with this innovative and high-quality mascara.