Jesmonite AC730 Flex Metal Gelcoat – Brass 650g Kit

Jesmonite AC730 Flex Metal Gelcoat – Brass 650g Kit

Jesmonite AC730 Flex Metal Gelcoat – Brass 650g Kit

Product description:


Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats are the latest development in Jesmonite materials. They are formulated using real metal powder to create the ultimate replication of metal in moulded materials. They are four finishes available and they are fully compatible with AC730 as a cast or laminated back up.

Mix Ratio By Weight

5.5 Powder : 1 Liquid

Key Attributes

  • Real Metal finishes form a durable, proven GRC material
  • Rapid curing and high early strength gain
  • Shrinkage compensated and dimensionally stable


Jesmonite AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coat is a rapid setting acrylic polymer modified cement based composite which incorporates real metal powder to achieve a range of metallic finishes. It is designed to be brush applied into moulds with AC730 composites being used as backing materials with suitable glass reinforcements. It is a shrinkage-compensated material of low permeability and is durable in all conditions of external weathering. The compound is alkali free and as such is free from the efflorescence associated with ordinary Portland cement based systems. It is supplied as two components, a water-based acrylic liquid, and a blended Base.

Application Areas

Glass reinforced decorative architectural mouldings, cladding, and decorative castings. Glass reinforcements such as Jesmonite Quadaxial Fabric or 13mm Glass Chopped Strands can be utilised for lightweight, high-impact panels.

Legal Disclaimer

Unfortunately we are unable to ship this item to Isle of Man, Channel Islands, or any Scottish Islands. Orders placed for these addresses will be cancelled and refunded due to carrier restrictions.

Product Details

Water-based, Solvent free Composite Material, Ideally suited to the creation of decorative mouldings and glass reinforced laminates, Strength, durability, non-toxicity. Can be cast without damage to rubber moulding compounds. Dimensionally stable due to low exothermic reaction.