Car Roof Bag – The Perfect Solution for Extra Storage

Car Roof Bag – The Perfect Solution for Extra Storage

Car Roof Bag – The Perfect Solution for Extra Storage

Are you tired of cramming your belongings into your car when going on a road trip? Do you wish you had more space to store your luggage and equipment? Look no further than the Car Roof Bag by BIRDBELL. This innovative product is designed to provide you with the extra storage you need, without compromising on convenience or safety.

Convenient and Versatile

Whether you have a car with or without a rack, the Car Roof Bag is compatible with all types of vehicles. Its universal design ensures a secure fit and easy installation. No need to worry about complicated setup instructions or additional tools. Simply attach the bag to your car’s roof using the 8 reinforced straps and 4 door hooks included in the package.

Waterproof and Durable

Don’t let unpredictable weather ruin your trip. The Car Roof Bag is made from high-quality waterproof material that keeps your belongings safe and dry, even during heavy rain or snow. The bag is also designed to withstand the rigors of long-distance travel, ensuring that your items remain secure throughout your journey.

Spacious and Organized

With a generous capacity of 15 cubic feet, the Car Roof Bag provides ample space for all your essentials. Whether you’re packing camping gear, sports equipment, or luggage, you can rest assured that everything will fit comfortably inside. The bag also features an anti-slip mat, preventing your items from shifting during transit and ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

  1. Can the Car Roof Bag be used on any type of car?
  2. Yes, the Car Roof Bag is designed to be compatible with all cars, whether they have a rack or not. The included straps and door hooks ensure a secure fit on any vehicle.

  3. Is the Car Roof Bag easy to install?
  4. Absolutely! The Car Roof Bag can be installed in minutes, without the need for any additional tools. Simply follow the instructions provided and you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time.

  5. How much weight can the Car Roof Bag hold?
  6. The Car Roof Bag has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of items, from luggage to sports equipment.

  7. Is the Car Roof Bag secure?
  8. Yes, the Car Roof Bag is designed with your safety in mind. The reinforced straps and door hooks ensure that the bag remains securely attached to your car’s roof, even during high-speed travel.


Say goodbye to cramped car interiors and hello to the Car Roof Bag by BIRDBELL. This waterproof rooftop cargo carrier bag provides 15 cubic feet of storage space, making it the perfect solution for all your travel needs. With its easy installation, durable construction, and secure design, you can trust the Car Roof Bag to keep your belongings safe and secure on your next adventure.