7-24 ft Long Telescopic Extension Pole – Product Description

7-24 ft Long Telescopic Extension Pole – Product Description

7-24 ft Long Telescopic Extension Pole


TO INFINITY AND BEYOND – Extending from 7 to 24 feet, the EXTEND-A-REACH retractable telescoping pole will give you up to 30 feet reach when standing, making it easy to accomplish all your hard-to-reach tasks. Adjust the long pole to the length necessary for your specific task: reaching high ceilings, painting walls, dusting light bulbs, cleaning house roofs, washing windows, and more. The EXTEND-A-REACH telescopic pole is the ultimate answer for your daily household tasks.

Main Features

The One Pole That Won’t Break

Made of meticulously-crafted, extra-thick aluminum, this extendable painters pole is stiffer, tougher, and stronger. While other painting extension poles can get wobbly and fragile when fully extended, the EXTEND-A-REACH telescopic pole will always perform solidly. The pole also features quick-release thumb lever clasps for easy extension control and non-slip hand grips to ensure maximal stability and reliable grip.

Stay Off the Ladder. Stay Safe. Get the Job Done.

Using a shaky ladder is tiring at best and dangerous at worst. Using the EXTEND-A-REACH telescopic extension pole for painting will reduce the chance of a bad fall, so you can efficiently complete your chores while your feet are planted firmly on the floor.

Multi-Functional Telescopic Extension Pole

The EXTEND-A-REACH universal attachment point fits nearly all household accessories: paint roller, squeegee, cobweb duster, ceiling fan duster, feather duster, light bulb changer, and more. A surprisingly short 7 ft retracted pole length comfortably fits in your car trunk for easy transportation and is easy to store indoors.

Extended 3-Year Warranty

We put our heart and soul into our high-reaching cleaning tools. So much so that we offer you an extended 3-year warranty for your telescopic pole kit. As a family-run business who has faced hardship, we give back to our community by donating a portion of our profits to helping clean cancer patients’ homes. Add to cart and take part in our mission to clean 100,000 cancer patients’ homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the telescopic pole be used for outdoor tasks?

Yes, the EXTEND-A-REACH telescopic pole is perfect for outdoor tasks such as cleaning house roofs and washing windows. Its sturdy design ensures stability even in outdoor conditions.

2. Is the pole easy to transport?

Absolutely! The telescopic pole can be retracted to a short 7 ft length, making it easy to fit in your car trunk for transportation.

3. Can I attach my own accessories to the pole?

Yes, the universal attachment point of the EXTEND-A-REACH pole allows you to attach various household accessories, including paint rollers, squeegees, cobweb dusters, and more.

Thank you for choosing the 7-24 ft Long Telescopic Extension Pole. With its lightweight and sturdy design, it is the best telescoping pole for painting, dusting, and window cleaning. Get yours today and make your hard-to-reach tasks a breeze!